About Us

Horizon Property holds the property portfolio of Polar Technology Management Group.

Horizon Property aims to deliver sustainable development of the facilities of the Polar Technology Management Group to allow the trading companies to prosper in a modern environment with a mix of office, manufacturing, recreational and domestic accommodation.

In order to grow a world beating business it is important to attract and retain the best talent available. Part of achieving this is creating an environment where people feel valued and have the space and freedom to work, relax and develop themselves. This is what Horizon Properties will deliver over the coming years in support of the growth of the Polar Group of companies.

Horizon Property is now delighted to announce the commencement of construction of the new Horizon Technology Park.  Combined with the existing facilities, this will create the 14 acre advanced engineering campus we are establishing in Eynsham. The first phase comprises a new 100,000 square foot factory, BUILDING 1, over two floors including engineering and office space.

In addition we are building the new road infrastructure with a new access road off the Stanton Harcourt Road. Some 170 new car parking spaces will be included in this phase together with a service yard. Looking to the future we have planning consent to substantially extend the existing factory, build a third factory and build a new headquarters/conference building. The approved scheme will in the coming years take the facilities to a total of sum 280,000 square feet for manufacturing, engineering, design, research and development.

The first building will be operational in Spring 2019.